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Partnership with Salvamont Romania

Wetterbest supports Salvamont Romania

Wetterbest supports Salvamont Romania with the amount of Euro 50,000, for the rehabilitation of the roofs of the mountain base camps. The “Planet Passionate” program, within which the partnership was signed, will be carried out over 2 years.

Through this partnership, Wetterbest will support the Salvamont’s project for the rehabilitation of the roofs of the mountain base camps with complete metal roofing systems, which provide better insulation and are resistant to high altitude weather conditions. Wetterbest will also financially support the installation of photovoltaic panels in Salvamont’s stations and shelters that do not have electricity.

We have a duty to future generations to help create a cleaner and safer world, and Wetterbest is a responsible company that aims to implement sustainable projects for the future. Salvamont is the only mountain rescue service in Romania. Our support is a sign of appreciation for the incredible work that the Salvamont team does every day”,, said Marian Pirvu, CEO of Wetterbest.

We are happy to have with us the company Wetterbest, with the help of which we will be able to rehabilitate the mountain base camps, stations and shelters by sustainable means, with sustainable and quality materials. This partnership helps us considerably in our of providing better working conditions for mountain rescuers, of being able to be more efficient in helping tourists and in order for the mountain rescue activity to be truly carried out at height”, added Professor Sabin Cornoiu, President of the National Association of Mountain Rescuers in Romania.

Salvamont Romania is the national emergency service that ensures rescue in the mountains and other hard-to-reach location, and which currently has 42 county and local intervention structures holding 140 mountain base camps. 65,000 tourists have been rescued in the more than 100,000 missions successfully carried out by mountain rescuers over the last 10 years. Considering that the condition of the Salvamont base camps, stations or shelters is permanently affected by the natural factors specific to the mountain area, it is permanently necessary to carry out rehabilitation works with the best quality materials. As of this year, Wetterbest has joined the “Planet Passionate” program, supported globally by the Kingspan Group. Under this program, the company installed solar panels that help reduce carbon emissions by 77 tons per year and planted over 1,200 seedlings in Prahova County. Internally, Wetterbest has launched an initiative to reduce water consumption and has equipped all production units with containers for selective waste collection.


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