Dakea Attic windows - Wetterbest
Attic windows

Using the latest technologies, the Dakea attic windows in the Wetterbest® covering system ensure optimal thermal insulation and durability, maintaining their functionality by articulating the median and increasing the natural lighting. At the same time, it offers an excellent interior design.

Wetterbest® recommends the use of DAKEA™ attic windows, a brand designed in Denmark, which, with exceptional qualities, offers an extended warranty of 20 years that is unique in the market and transferable.


Dakea attic windows can be installed on roofs with a slope between 15° and 90°. Moreover, they allow the installation at the bottom of the roof, which ensures an improvement of the thermal insulation and creates a more pleasant exterior appearance.

The exclusive design offers up to 10% more natural light in the room compared to other attic windows. Dakea windows meet all European standards of performance and sealing.

Dakea skylights, frames and roller blinds

Dakea Flex – Skylight with variable articulation

  • Dakea Flex has been designed to provide ventilation and lighting for unheated spaces, such as warehouses or garages; it comes with a top joint as standard, but it can also be used with a side articulation.
  • All Dakea Flex skylights are suitable for roofs with corrugated and flat coverings, with slopes between 15 and 60 degrees and coverings up to 90 mm thic


Universal sealing frames (KUF)

  • They are compatible with any type of roofing material in the profile range with a height of 16-120 m
  • The aluminium apron (and with a higher degree of creasing) ensures that you can install them perfectly on highprofile tiles, straight tiles or even on a thatched roof.



Solar roller blind

Solar roller blind designed to fit perfectly with all sizes of Dakea attic window. It protects against heat in summer and cold in winter. When closed, it reduces noise and provides security. It is equipped with a pre-connected wireless wall switch and is compatible with the lo-homecontrol® system. The roller blind has a three year warranty.

Tipes of Dakea windows

Dakea Good – a simple but effective way to get light, ventilation, thermal insulation and extra living space at a reasonable cost. Recommended use: corridors, offices, wardrobe.

Dakea Ultima – top product with very good energy efficiency, laminated interior glass (safe) and excellent noise reduction parameters. The use of a special inert gas, krypton, sound-absorbing profiles and silver films for the glass panel, ensures high comfort for homeowners. Recommended use: bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, rooms affected by the outside noise.

Dakea Better – access to light and ventilation, combined with improved thermal insulation leads to additional savings on heat loss through the window. Recommended use: corridors, offices, wardrobe.

Dakea Better PVC – attic windows easy to clean, easy maintenance, made of high quality PVC material, additionally equipped with safe interior glass. Recommended use: bathroom, kitchen.

Dakea Better Energy – triple glazed construction with improved energy efficiency. Safe, durable construction and high energy efficiency. Recommended use: bedrooms, living rooms.