NEOMAT 30 - Wetterbest
Roof finish ("fluted") sheet

NEOMAT 30 - The ultimate colour

Wetterbest launches on the market a new protection, NEOMAT 30. The quality of the matte paint coating makes NEOMAT 30 one of the best solutions on the roofing market.

With superior mechanical strength, the NEOMAT 30 protection records important performance against UV (RUV4) and corrosion (RC5).

NEOMAT 30 ensures top flexibility, formability and durability in processing and assembly. It also has optimal scratch resistance, reducing the risk of damage when handling.


Aesthetics – The Neomat 30 protection has a more pronounced appearance, which gives the roof a distinct note and personality.

LIFETIME – NEOMAT 30 is the protection with 30 years warranty for corrosion and colour.


Wetterbest NEOMAT 30 complements the current portfolio and applies to both 4 metal tile profiles and Click profiles, mini rolls and trapezoidal profiles.

The layered component of the material with NEOMAT 30 type protection

1. Polyethylene protective film 25-50 microns *

2. Nominal protection layer 60 microns

3. Primer base layer 30 microns

4. Passivation solution layer

5. Zinc inorganic protection layer (Z275 g/m2)

6. Steel core

7. Zinc inorganic protection layer (Z275 g/m2)

8. Passivation solution layer

9. Organic paint protection layer (PE) 12 microns

10. Anti-condensation membrane * – is applied to the order on request

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