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Dripstop membrane

Dripstop membrane has a high water storage capacity which can result from condensation. By using it, the most common effect of condensation inside buildings is eliminated, namely dampness.



This type of membrane is also used for the walls of industrial spaces

  • production halls, workshops, etc.
  • logistics – warehouses, warehouses, garages, etc.
  • agro-zootechnics – grain silos, zootechnical farms, etc.

The Dripstop membrane is resistant to acids from animal manure and bacteria, so it can be washed off with a jet of water.

The Dripstop membrane facilitates the passage of water vapor from the inside of the roof’s thermal insulation to the external environment. This limits the amount of vapor that accumulates in the roof structure and avoids condensation on the roof, especially in mineral wool.

Therefore, the structural elements of the roof, the thermal insulation and the interior finish of the building will not be affected by the condensed water.

Another advantage of this type of anti-condensation membrane is that it facilitates the installation service – installers will no longer have to mount the membrane over the frame of roof structures – in most cases, non-thermally insulated roofs do not have a continuous decking bed, which makes access difficult. and increases the risk of falling into the void.