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Stubai roofing tools

In order to obtain quality assemblies of the complete Wetterbest roof systems, our company provides our installation teams with professional tools for tinsmith works. These are produced by the Austrian company STUBAI, a world leader in the field that, since 1742, has been making tools and devices for the construction industry.

Made of carbon-enriched quality steel, STUBAI’s tools can handle mechanical wear during use for a long time.

We provide the right tools for each type of operation performed on metallic coverings and not only: cutting, doubling, bending, folding, drawing , etc.

We can also supply equipment for working at a height.

By using STUBAI tools, devices, accessories and work equipment in the specific activity, the risk of material damage is eliminated, thus ensuring superior work quality.


The Wetterbest® Stubai toolkit portfolio contains:

  1. Pelican pliers
  2. Right combined pliers / Left combined pliers
  3. Right circular pliers / Left circular pliers
  4. Round jaw pliers
  5. Straight folded pliers
  6. Folded pliers 45°
  7. Round folded pliers
  8. Plastic seaming piece
  9. Wedge Teflon hammer
  10. Rectangular Teflon hammer
  11. Round hammer
  12. Chalk line
  13. Gutter alignment cord
  14. Marked plotter
  15. Barrel scudding knife
  16. Simple folding closing device
  17. Double folding closing device
  18. Set of springs for the pliers
  19. Bent prism
  20. Metal saw
  21. Work harness