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Metallic tiles

Wetterbest Panorama roof sheets

The Wetterbest Panorama modular metal roof tile is a complete system suitable for every type of house. The modularity of the elements allows easy transport and easy assembly on the roof.

Raw material :
S250GD + Z275
Covering :
Corrosion resistance :
RC5 and RC3
Technical requirements :
PN-EN 10346 and PN-EN 10169
Sheet weight :
Thickness :
0,5 mm
Minimum installation slope :
9° (16%)


The unique characteristics of the Wetterbest Panorama metal tile

The unique design idea of ​​the Wetterbest Panorama tile is the specific groove that separates the individual tiles.

From a technical point of view, the tile groove ensures the following:

  • Easy positioning during assembly – during the installation of roof panel modules, the groove fits into another groove, providing a type of “quick lock” – eliminating assembly defects.
  • Ease of installation and measurements, the geometry of the panels being identical.
  • Additional rigidity to the roof and compensating the stresses caused by thermal expansion.
  • Uniformity of the roof.

The Wetterbest Panorama roof is easy to transport and store:

  • One set includes 270 tiles / 238.76 m² of roof;
  • Standard Europallet of 1200×800 mm with a weight of less than 1000 kg.

Packaging – the highest level of protection provided by:

  • Resistant polystyrene packaging;
  • Dedicated tapes for edge protection;
  • Protective edges and cardboard cover;
  • Foil cover.

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Panorama roof sheet installation guide

Wetterbest Panorama Tiles Benefits

Wetterbest roofLight and resistant material; lower load on the structure;

Wetterbest roofModularity of elements – assembly possible even by one person;

Wetterbest roofUp to 20% less waste compared to traditional systems roof; [wtb_easteregg lid=5]

Wetterbest roofThe possibility to easily calculate the volume of material required for a certain roof;

Wetterbest roofEfficient storage and transport, thanks to the euro-pallet packaging system ;

Wetterbest roofThe possibility of uninstalling individual modules without dismantling the entire roof in case it takes
installation of roof hatches, attic windows.

Technical sketches

Total tile panel width :
Useful tile panel width :
1140 mm
Total plate length [mm] :
Actual length [mm] :
Tile corrugation height [mm] :
Width between wave peaks [mm] :
Plate surface [m²] :
Slat distance :
350 mm


Raw materials