Trapezoidal sheet W10 - Wetterbest
Trapezoidal (“fluted”) sheet

Presentation of Wetterbest W10

The W10 trapezoidal profile corrugated board is available in three width sizes, 1150 mm, 921 mm, and 871 mm respectively. With a 10 mm fold height, W10 corrugated sheet can be used for cladding and cladding work on continuous surfaces. It is ideal for industrial projects, for the exterior and interior of buildings, walls, and various aesthetic applications, as well as for cladding residential buildings (houses, blocks, offices) fencing and roof soffits.


Technical characteristics:

  • Coverage:
    • polyester – 25 microns for glossy finish sheet
    • polyester – 35 microns for matte finish sheet
  • Colours: according to Wetterbest®’s palette
  • Thickness: 0,30 mm – 1 mm

W10 is recommended for interior and exterior cladding and enveloping, building of fences and hedges, eaves etc.

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