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About Wetterbest metallic tiles

Wetterbest® products are original, high quality products, being developed as roof covering materials. They have a longer service time than traditional coverings made of ceramic tiles or galvanized sheets, and they are compatible with any type of construction: houses, blocks of flats, holiday homes, public institutions, commercial spaces, industrial buildings, renovation projects or new buildings.

Wetterbest® metallic tiles profiles have a special design in order to provide safety against infiltrations through the increased sealing compared to other types of coverings. Also, Wetterbest® metallic tiles have behaved very well in mechanical tests.

Wetterbest®’s metallic tile is made in an automated technological process that allows the mechanical processing by cold plastic deformation of pre-painted steel.

Wetterbest®’s metallic tile is distinguished by its mechanical resistance to environmental factors, by its compatibility with any type of construction, by its specific low weight, weighing 7-10 times less than ceramic and concrete tiles, by its wide range of colours and dimensions, with an average life of 50 years.

Wetterbest®’s metallic tile is non-combustible, its use as roof covering materials is not affecting the fire resistance class of the roofs.

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Why Wetterbest metallic tiles?


  • It is made with raw material from major steel, cold rolled galvanized steel and pre-painted steel producers in the European market, such as ArcelorMittal Poland, Macedonia, Belgium and Germany.
  • The height of the corrugation and the height of the step between the modules are above the usual average in Gladiator and Plus – which gives the Wetterbest® metallic tile panels both an aesthetic and a mechanical strength.
  • They are 7-10 lighter than ceramic or concrete tiles.
  • They have an elegant design and are available in a wide variety of colors; over 30 shiny and matte shades.
  • Metallic tiles cannot come off the roof in case of an earthquake. They are resistant to bad weather, corrosion and ultraviolet radiation.
  • They have high resistance to corrosion due to the zinc layer and paint layers.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are easy to maintain, the smooth surface does not retain moisture, dust or other impurities, which are easily removed by the rain. In this way, unlike other tiles, they do not allow moss and mould to appear.
  • Due to the production technology and their manufacturing material, Wetterbest® metallic tiles perform excellently in mechanical stress, they do not crack or break.
  • Their average life is 50 years.
  • They were designed for new as well as for renovating existing roofs, with minimum inclination of 14˚.
  • The embossed profile of Wetterbest®’s tiles provides maximum safety against infiltrations, but also increased mechanical strength due to the step increased to 20 mm and even 30 mm – for the Wetterbest® Plus profile.
  • Its reduced weight, less than 5 kg/sqm, offers the possibility of economical dimensioning of both the roof framing resulting in lower wood consumption and of the overall construction resulting in lower consumption of reinforced concrete, compared to the constructions using covering of 10-40 kg/sqm.
  • Wetterbest®’s metallic tiles have a standard thickness between 0.50 mm – 0.60 mm.
  • All Wetterbest® metallic tiles have the mark, order number, date of manufacture, semi-product code and ISO 9001:2008 and EC certification mark inscribed on the bottom side.

For a durable metallic coating, the following 3 conditions must be met together: good quality raw material, precise profiling on state-of-the-art automated lines and qualified assembly (through authorized distributors).

Depaco® offers both the 3 mandatory requirements for a high-quality, durable covering, as well as other benefits such as fast delivery and specialised advice.

We do not recommend you use metallic tile panels longer than the equivalent of 8 steps as they can get irreversibly deformed, no matter how they are handled!

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