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Metallic Fence Slats

The metal fence slat is a modern and superior alternative to the classic fence slat.


The metal batten is a pre-painted sheet metal product with the same specifications as the roof profiles and can be painted both on one side and on both sides.


The fence bar is made of galvanized steel and pre-painted in the electrostatic field, which gives it high resistance to environmental factors, as well as increased mechanical resistance.




Between 7 and 9 metal fence slats fit in one linear meter, depending on the distance left between them, with a distance between them of 10-15 mm, but you can also opt for other dimensional layout configurations.


Installation can be done both horizontally and vertically.


The fastening screws for fixing on the metal structure of the fence will have a drilling capacity depending on the thickness of the support, of 4.8 x 19 mm or wooden screws for fastening on a wooden support.


In the case of on-site cutting adjustments, specific tools for tinsmithing will be used – manual sheet metal shears, electric shears, hacksaw.


Do not use an angle grinder – it will damage the area adjacent to the cut which will rust. We recommend applying a touch-up paint layer to the cut area.


They can be found in our offer at the manufacturer’s price.