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Flat roofs

Wetterbest Faltz flat panel

Wetterbest® Faltz are traditionally folded panels, configured on site out of DX 52 steel mini-rolls made of flat folding sheet. This is malleable steel with a high degree of workability on site and with contraction possibilities, respectively expansion under the influence of the ambient temperature. DX 52 steel has a large coating with a protective coating of ZN – 275 g/sqm and is painted on both sides. Wetterbest Faltz panels are obtained by pre-folding on special equipment.

The coverings made with Wetterbest® Faltz panels are elegant and can adapt to any type of architecture, obtaining a perfect result, for old, renovated or restored buildings, as well as for new ones.

Raw material :
Pre-painted hot dip galvanized steel
Thickness :
Paint protection layer :
Glossy polyester 25 µm, Matte polyester 35 µm
Minimum installation slope :
Raw material :
Raw material :


Wetterbest® Faltz panels for flat coverings represent the safest solution to cover residential, commercial industrial projects etc., both in the roof area and in the façade. With the double folding, the Wetterbest® Faltz panel coverings give the roofs increased safety against infiltrations and long useful life.

These can be installed on small slopes starting at 3.5° and continuing with vertical covering.

The Wetterbest® Faltz roof provides a natural beauty to both modern, avant-garde houses and historic, heritage buildings due to the minimalist look and classic elegance it offers. It is the ideal solution for those who want a simple, elegant, tasteful roof.

Benefits of Wetterbest Faltz

Wetterbest acoperisIncreased tightness

Wetterbest acoperisIdeal For all types of roofs with a slope greater than 3.5 degrees

Wetterbest acoperisIncreased resistance to UV radiations, corssosion and infiltration

Wetterbest acoperisGuarantee for altitude up to 2.100

Wetterbest acoperisSimple, elegant, tasteful design

Wetterbest acoperisWide range of colours

Technical sketches

Total tile panel width :
Slat distance :