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Let’s grow forests together

Let’s grow forests together

Saving forests is our responsibility. We must not wait for others to act, the change begins with us. This was the premise from which we started when we started these planting actions.

With the help of Wetterbest team members, in 2021, we planted a small forest, with over 1200 young spruces, in Prahova County.

“Through the Planet Passionate initiative, we are trying to inform about the negative impact of certain daily activities on the environment, and also to act for its protection. I was glad to see that many colleagues responded positively to these afforestation actions, thus I can say that indeed it was a responsibility, but equally a joy of being able to be part of the coordination of this action” – says Adelina Parepa, Marketing Manager of Wetterbest – who handled the organization of the action.


We are using renewable energy


We are using recyclable raw materials


Partnership with Salvamont Romania


We support the AMP Libearty Sanctuary


Planet Passionate Program