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We are using recyclable raw materials

In a world where natural resources are increasingly limited, producing and consuming responsibly, but also sustainably, is a great challenge.
Steel is a material with a high recyclability rate, towards 100%. Consequently, by recycling steel, very large amounts of iron ore, limestone, coal and water can be saved, which are natural resources used in the metallurgical process of obtaining it.

Moreover, by each ton of recycled steel and its transformation into new products, carbon dioxide emissions in the air are reduced by approx. 86%, and the degree of water pollution is reduced by about 76%.

In fact, two out of three tons of new steel are produced from old steel. However, the use of ore is still necessary because many steel products remain in use – as durable goods – for decades, during which time the demand for steel around the world continues to grow.

Thus, the recycling of steel greatly reduces the negative impact on the environment, both by limiting the exploitation of resources and by limiting harmful and polluting emissions. According to the World Steel Association, each ton of recycled steel reduces, as an average, 1.5 tons of CO 2 emissions and 13 gigajoules of primary energy.

Wetterbest roofing is made with raw materials from major steel producers on the European market. Metal tile is 7-10 times lighter than ceramic or concrete tiles, is easy to install, highly resistant to corrosion due to the zinc layer and paint layers and is resistant to weather and ultraviolet radiation.


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