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We support the AMP Libearty Sanctuary

Wetterbest supports the AMP Libearty Sanctuary in Zarnesti, the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world

As of this year, within the “Planet Passionate” program, Wetterbest supports the activity within the AMP Libearty Sanctuary, the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world, located in Zarnesti,Brasov County.

Wetterbest supports the Millions of Friends Association (AMP), administrator of the sanctuary, with the amount of Euro 14,000, fully covering the costs necessary for the maintenance of two cubs for a year and also provides the construction materials necessary for the proper functioning of the sanctuary. “We like life, we like animals, we like concrete facts. The bear is a symbol for strength, courage and tenacity, values ​​with which we identify as a company. This is also the reason why we choose to get involved in actions that improve animal life and ensure a cleaner environment for us and future generations. The Wetterbest brand is a brand close to nature, people and communities” says Adelina Micu, Marketing Manager of Wetterbest.

“We are pleased to discover that the Wetterbest team is supporting our cause. Animal rescue has always been a topic that has not been given due attention, but little by little, through education, the world is beginning to be open to this area. Involvement through this partnership helps us to continue to give the animals in our care a chance at a decent life. Companies that respect nature and animals are the ones that deserve our respect, everyone’s respect, because only together we can make the world a better place!”,”, says Cristina Lapis, President of AMP.

In its more than 25 years of activity, the Millions of Friends Association has contributed to the rescue of over 30,000 animals, most of them stray animals. In 2005, the project of build the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world began, the aim of which is to save captive bears kept in cages and dirt. Today, more than 115 bears live in their natural habitat in the AMP Libearty reservation. Good things are done from the heart, they are done with confidence, now, for the future. This partnership strengthens Wetterbest’s position as one of the most involved brands in environmental and animal protection in the category of construction materials manufacturers.


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